Roku's Rocking Future

Roku TV Platform Business Model, Zishan AM CC
  • Roku platform is not a Platform system
  • Roku is too much TV screen centric
  • Roku OS is today only offering TV centric Ux
  • Roku data capacities are limited compared to GAFA and even Rovi/Tivo
  • Roku infrastructure is limited in terms of geo
  • for the Network — Marketplace — community layer, Roku has limitation in terms of:
  • Multi-screen user friendly UX
  • unified search
  • personalised and smart curation
  • content deep library and tail
  • unified content and aggregation
  • limited Advertising capabilities compared to GAFA and internet players (Twitter, Facebook, Rakuten…)
  1. Focus on Software capabilities, pivot positioning to B2B TV/Video platform. Positioned as the Twilio of the TV/Video platforms for Telcos, content and developers
  2. Ditch the hardware, retail and B2C
  3. Strengthen its Network — Marketplace — Community platform layer with following skills:
  4. Multi-screen user friendly UX
  5. unified search
  6. personalised and smart curation
  7. content deep library and tail
  8. unified content and aggregation from linear, non linear, User generated content/broadcast and protected content, represents all genres (music, documentenray, education…) and localized (Indian, Spanish, Chinese…)
  9. Strengthen its Digital, Programatic video, recommendation and analytics capabilities through partnership or acquisitions in the SSP and/or DMP.




Product Lead II Startup advisor II Researcher II Prof. (^_^)

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Product Lead II Startup advisor II Researcher II Prof. (^_^)

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